Memorial Reefs

Who chooses Eternal Reefs?

  • Those who desire scattering or burial at sea
  • People who wish to make a positive contribution to the environment
  • Lovers of the Sea
  • Fisherman
  • Sailors
  • Beach Lovers
  • Divers
  • Veterans
  • For people who are not done living

Eternal Reefs…

  • provides the opportunity to have family members and pets memorialized together in the same reef.
  • projects are limited in size depending on location and are filled on first-come first-serve basis.
  • can only be placed in approved, specific, permitted locations.
  • encourages families to participate.

Eternal Reefs Commitment

Since 1999 our Company has been highly committed to assisting you in making your loved one’s memorization a special and meaningful event.

Thoughts from our families…

… While my choice of Eternal Reefs for my husband was viewed as a bit “unconventional” by some of our family, those family members who did attend as well as myself, found the experience awesome and fitting tribute to my husband who loved the sea. We walked way from our day in Ft. Lauderdale, April 2005, at peace knowing in our hears that we had made the right decision. Continued Success.

… its not so much that he is gone, it is more like look what he is doing now…

… thank you for the respect, honor and dignity you shared with Lee and me. I can not envision a finer way for us to have parted…

… My husband was an avid fisherman and we planned to scatter his remains in one of his favorite fishing spots, this seems like a much better alternative…

Create Your Eternal Reefs Memorial Reef

The Casting

Creating an Eternal Reefs Memorial Reef is a unique experience that brings people together for a unified purpose… To create a living legacy that will benefit future generations.There are three steps to creating a Eternal Reef; the Casting, the Viewing and the Dedication. Through these steps, families will build their loved one’s Eternal Reef to be placed in the ocean at a carefully selected location. Their Eternal Reef will become the foundation and new home for a variety of sea life.Eternal Reefshas been helping families create and place their memorial reefs since 1999. If your family can not attend our events Eternal Reefs will create and place your Eternal Reef for you.To learn more about creating an Eternal Reefs Memorial Reef, please contact us.

The Viewing

The Dedication

 Create a living environmental memorial for the benefit of future generations