Memorial Websites

Benefits to Funeral Homes

  • No expensive setup fees and low total cost of operation.
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go and monthly billing options minimizes financial risk.
  • Increase average revenue per customer through multiple obituary upgrade options.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing website.
  • Easy creation and management of obituaries.

Benefits to Families

  • A permanent obituary for their loved one.
  • Option for family to self-administer the obituary.
  • Designer themes available to personalize the obituary.
  • Multiple features for sharing memories, photos and video.
  • Social media integration for easy sharing with friends and family.
  • Option to upgrade obituary to a memorial tribute website.

Your Tribute™ White Label Obituary Module

Grow your business, increase community awareness and generate leads with premium online obituaries and memorials tribute website from Your Tribute.

Your Tribute has one goal in mind – to provide funeral homes with a superior obituary module at an affordable price.We understand that obituaries are the backbone and leading source of traffic to your website. Ensuring your company has a reliable, proven and affordable obituary module is essential and our focus at Your Tribute.

With Your Tribute you can:

  • Easily upgrade your current out-of-date obituary module
  • Start generating revenue from your website
  • Increase your pre-need and at-need leads
  • Improve your brand and community awareness

Our industry leading obituaries and web technology is highly versatile and easily tailored to meet your needs today and in the future. The result is increase productivity for you and your employees and the ability to focus  time on activities that are core to your business success.Find out how easy it is to upgrade your current obituary module to Your Tribute and start using your obituaries to generate revenue, increase leads and build your brand.


Easily Upgrade Your Obituary Module

Our 3 integration options make it easy to upgrade your out-of-date obituaries. With our hosted option, you simply need to add a link on your website. Your obituaries will be hosted on Your Tribute and branded with your name and logo. For a small fee, choose the semi-intergration option and we will design your obituaries page to look like it is part of your current website. With our full integration option we will provide you with a new website with Your Tribute fully integrated.

Click here to see more about the integration options.

Generate Revenue From Your Website

With Your Tribute it is easy to add another source of revenue to your business. There are two ways you can make money using our obituary module. The first option is to sell your families a premium obituary or memorial tribute website. You pay us a wholesale price of 50-80% off and you keep the difference. The second option is to provide your families with a basic obituary for free and earn a commission if they upgrade the obituary.

Click here to see the types of obituaries available.

Increase Pre-Need and At-Need Leads

A Your Tribute obituary module enhances your relationship with your families and relatives. Our obituaries are designed to encourage interaction and the sharing of memories. As a result, families spend more time on a Your Tribute obituary then a traditional obituary. The longer that users remain on your website, the easier it is to market your other products and services to them, including pre-need and funeral service packages.

Increase Your Community Awareness

Your Tribute obituaries were made to share. Friends and family can connect with their Facebook account and invite Facebook friends to view the obituary or publish content to their wall. It is also easy for families to share the obituary by email, or on other popular social media websites like Twitter or Google Plus. Because your obituaries are branded with your logo, name, and contact details, friends and family of the deceased will acknowledge that you provided for their loved one.

Personalized Obituaries and Memorial Websites

Basic Obituaries

Basic obituaries include the Obituary (unlimited text), Story (photo, name, D.O.B., D.O.D., location), Guestbook (unlimited condolences) and virtual Gifts (unlimited free gifts and candles). You can also choose to design a obituary theme. Theme genres include nature, flowers, religious, sky and more.

In addition, basic obituaries include a 30-day trial of the premium obituary features and will remain online forever to provide a everlasting record of the person’s life.

Premium Obituaries

Premium obituaries include all of the features  of a basic  obituary. You can also add the funeral service details which includes location, google map, details and an  option for friends and family to RSVP. The funeral home as well as friends and family can add photo albums and video.

In addition, premium obituaries include notes which act like additional pages allowing you to add more information such as donations, a thank you note, and so on.

Memorial Websites

A memorial tribute website includes all of the features of an obituary as well as advanced features not included in most standard obituaries. If a family upgrades to a memorial website, they have the option to choose a custom URL which makes it easier to share the memorial.

Another key feature is that friends and family will be able to view high resolution photos and download complete albums. This is an easy way for families to share their old photos.

Obituary Module Integration Options


With our hosted option, you can get started creating obituaries with Your Tribute in minutes. Our hosted plan is free to setup and does not require a contract. Simply choose the obituary plan that meets your needs and you’re ready to go.

With the hosted plan we will provide you with a unique URL on Your Tribute. Simply add an “obituaries” link on your website to direct users to this page. Your obituary page is branded with your funeral home logo, name, contact info and obituaries.


Our semi-intergrated option requires some customization but can be setup in only a few days. You can choose a template that best matches your website, or for a small fee we will design a custom template to match the look and feel of your website.

The semi-intergrated obituary page is branded with your funeral home logo, name, contact info and obituaries. The obituary is embedded on a page that contains a header with includes navigation tabs that link to the pages on your website.


The fully-intergrated obituary module includes a complete website for your funeral home. Websites are provided by Timeless Tributes and were designed and developed in cooperation with Your Tribute.

Your obituaries page and obituary theme will perfectly match the theme of your new website. Contact us to learn more about what features are included with Timeless Tributes website and for pricing information.