Memorial Tribute Videos



Benefits to Funeral Home

  • 100% In-House
  • No Licensing Fees
  • Custom Branding
  • User Friendly
  • Wizard Based
  • Network Friendly
  • Automatic Chaptering
  • Themes Include Menu, Disc and Packaging
  • Video Intros, Endings and Intermediates
  • Video Transitions
  • Pan and Zoom
  • Copy Protection
  • Dual Titles on Same DVD
  • Easily Make Multiple Copies
  • Zero dependency on third party vendors

One integrated in-house system that allows you to:

Author Discs • Record Content • Create Menus • Print Packaging

Print Photo-Realistic Images Directly On Disc

Benefits to Families

  • DVD Available on First Call
  • Photos Stay On-Site
  • Blend Unlimited Photos and Home Video
  • High Quality Print
  • Artwork is Permanent
  • Photo-Realistic Disc Art
  • No Paper Labels
  • Distribute Copies During Service
  • All Legacy Photos Digitally Filed

Discs have exceptional value with low production costs.

Easily create video DVDs with customer selected themes.

Incorporate menus, soundtracks and artwork.

 Perfect to help move customers towards your higher profit offerings.





Prepare and Produce high quality DVDs from customer provided



Rimage offers a powerful end-to-end solution that brings your

disc production in-house.


Photo tributes celebrating the life of recently passed loved one have become a standard component of memorial services today.  The rapid growth of this practice has caught many funeral homes unprepared.  Already burdened with a myriad of tasks & details in an incredibly tight time-frame, many have let this new business pass on to others or outsourced it.  Without staff expertise in scanning, cropping, and formatting pictures, or the tools needed to put together a DVD, it is difficult to create a tribute that represents your business well.

Until now.

Legend has leveraged Rimage’s extensive history of producing video content delivery solutions to all the major Hollywood studios with Kodak’s history of delivering the best quality images.  The result is a new solution to the funeral industry.  Using custom designed software anyone to easily, automatically and quickly scan photos. These photos can be cropped and formatted. With one integrated system you can author discs, record content, create menus, add music, design packaging and print photo-realistic images right on the disc.   Numerous copies of a finished DVD can be printed in a very short timeframe.


You can reap the profits that you have allowed others to capture!

The LegendCPS Disc Production Solution’s efficiency allows you create a finished disc during the families’ first call.  Families can leave with their photos removing liability of potential loss or damage.  Ease and speed mean that additional copies can be handed out during or even before the service.


Rimage understands how important marketing and branding is to any business.  The tribute DVDs created with this production solution offers unique capabilities that allow you to incorporate your marketing message without disrupting your customers’ memories.


More than 20,000 customers worldwide depend on Rimage’s industry leading digital publishing solution to archive, distribute and protect their content on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs.


Call us and let us introduce you to a solution that can help your organization increase service to your families while increasing your profit!

We will work with you to ensure that this solution makes good financial sense.


We have made sure that the process is seamless from scanning to production.


We will provide you the training and tools your staff needs to be successful.