Monument Technology

The emergence of technology in physical monuments may be the single most significant change in the history of stone memorial structures. Wireless industry estimates predict that nearly 75% of all new U.S. monuments will have some form of technological component by the year 2020.

LegendCFS has partnered with select technology providers with the goal of offering a single source for comparative information, products and services to monument builders nationwide.

In that effort, we are prepared to share our knowledge of the new market activity and assist with many of the common questions around getting started.

  • What, if any, additional work and labor is involved?
  • How do QR codes compare?
  • Do these products actually have a microchip inside?
  • What type of cell phones will work with these products?
  • How are wireless products installed in monuments?
  • Are there white label products available?

We are happy to assist with these and other questions in preparation for your entry in to the market of monument technology.

Concept and Application


Preserving The Story of a Life Lived©

A RosettaStone purchase starts with the idea to preserve an individual human story. A RosettaStone supports this with the archiving of a single photo, approximately 10,000 words of text and one geographic grid coordinate representing the final placement of the stone.

Add One Picture and Write The Story

This action is done from any common computer with internet connection. The data file can be edited for many months after being submitted. There is never a renewal for any RosettaStone product and the archiving process is managed automatically.

RosettaStone Installation

A RosettaStones can be installed as a permanent flush mount inset or as a surface mount addition. There is no maintenance required and no internal battery to service.  All RosettaStone disks are made of genuine premium black granite.

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