Backfile Scanning Conversion

If Disaster Strikes: Are You Ready? Are Your Records Protected?

Cemetery-Funeral Backfile Scanning Conversion Solution Legend CFS
over 20 years of experience in document and images management to
provide safe imaging of unique documents, indexing and cross
referencing documents, preservation of historical and business critical
files, and archiving and retrieval solutions.

Scanning Solutions Options

Scanning Processing

  • Imaging completed on site by in house staff
  • Documents shipped to Legend CFS
  • Imaging completed on site by Legend CFS Staff (not
    available in all regions)


  • Legend CFS offers purchase, and lease to own programs
    for scanners and computers
  • Current in house equipment meeting minimum
    requirements may be used

Indexing Options

Base Service

  • All documents in a file folder are indexed by one
    major heading

Premium Service (Each document is indexed by critical fields)

  • Name of Deceased
  • Date of Death
  • Owner
  • Section, Row , and Grave Number
  • Document Type
  • Funeral Home
  • Obituary
  • Date of Birth
  • Next of Kin

Basic Archiving and Retrieval Option –
All images will be copied to a
Database approve by the firm and DVD, allowing for search and use by in
house staff. If required the database and DVD can be periodically
updated and refreshed.

Elite Archiving and Retrieval Option – Legend CFS Vault offers
web enabled
storage and retrieval of images. Password protected access. Permission
based security that restricts users’ access by document types, date
ranges, etc. Images are stored in a fail safe redundant environment.
Temporary passwords can be assigned to family members and genealogists
for a predetermined period of time.

Service Features – Archives all
records in a safe secure manner.
Provides easy search and retrieval of documents, eliminating physical
handling and copying. Permission based security can limit or expand
access by any person, indexed field, or location. Ease of
implementation and use. Current documents can easily be added.

Legend CFS Vault Benefits
Information is available without handling
fragile documents. Reconstruction of files can be completed in minutes.
Provides multi- modal cemetery – funeral home and ownership research
by: in house employees, “walk-ins” for locations can be easily
assisted.  Cemetery retains all rights and ownership of records
and information.

Cemetery – Funeral Home Options
– Legend CFS Vault enables cemetery to
provide passwords with fixed expiration dates to remote users. These
users’ access can be restricted to specific documents types. Cemetery
can provide “Memorial information” to LEGEND cemetery – funeral home
partner who will direct all searches to cemetery. Cemetery may elect to
sell rights to all documents and indexes to cemetery – funeral home

Disaster Recovery

Flood, Fire, etc. In the event of a disaster, an organization has the
capability to “re-build” the historical record of the business,
allowing a resumption of “normal” operations

Regulatory Compliance

Many organizations are regulated by Federal, State and Local
governments. In this scenario, backfile conversions provide proof that
the organization has been in compliance with all applicable regulations
and practices.

Space Savings

Organizations may be able to free up potential revenue producing space
by digitizing backfile documentation

Improved Business Workflow, Customer Service and Reporting

Allows an organization the ability to retrieve historical information
with just a few keystrokes. This saves valuable employee time and
provides an efficient way of providing customer service and potential
statistical and reporting capabilities.

Marketing Capabilities

Legend CFS will manage the Database after conversion.

Uncover hidden business opportunities through data

The Foundation of Success

We always start with data – Where is it? What does it look like? What
can it tell us? – and then we build strategies that take advantage of
what we’ve learned. Some of the methodologies used include:

  • Profiling – Next of Kin
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Data Enhancement ( Adding cell phone #, email
    addresses, social network etc)
  • Data Hygiene (address corrections, verify
    information is accurate with family)
  • Data Mining

Proven Processes

Once the data is optimized, we provide services including:

  • Market Research
  • Testing
  • Creative Design and Messaging Development
  • Newsletter
  • Call Center (Appointments  support)
  • Direct Mail Campaign
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
  • Web Traffic Analysis (SEO)

Marketing Processes

  1. Select Campaign
    Let’s say you want to send an email and a direct mail piece to 500
    prospects in your area. We help you out with tips and explanations of
    things you should keep in mind when you are selecting a campaign.
  2. Upload Your Customer List
    You can easily import your existing customer list into the platform and
    LEGEND will prepare it for campaign launch. Once the data is prepared
    and analyzed, LEGEND may recommend additional or different channels for
    reaching your goals, such as adding a social media component.
  3. Design Your Campaign
    Now you choose from LEGEND professionally designed templates, which
    allow you to customize layout, colors, and photos as needed. LEGEND
    also helps you develop and manage your copy to suit your target
  4. Launch your campaign
    After the design stage, LEGEND will recommend the best timeline and
    execution schedule for launching the campaign depending on the channels
    you have selected. Recommendations are designed to maximize response
    and campaign ROI.
  5. Track & Report
    The LEGEND platform gives you a simple and powerful interface to
    measure your response and success. Just some of things you can track
    are appointment to close ratio, overall activity, level of engagement,
    and of course, the return on investment.

With LEGEND CFS we will preserve your legacy, reputation and future.